Welcoming City Ordinance

Nationally, we are struggling to maintain our longstanding values that welcome immigrants. Immigrants around the nation, including here in Peoria, often don’t feel safe accessing the same services that many of us don’t even think twice about. Immigrants have helped to make Peoria a more successful, more dynamic place. Now more than ever, we need to make sure that ALL Peorians feel comfortable accessing basic city services like law enforcement and the health department. That’s why I support a Welcoming City Ordinance that ensures no Peorian will have to fear contacting the city, regardless of their immigration status.


  • Immigrant families face disruption and separation due to the threat and fear of deportation.
  • Immigration enforcement takes a toll on businesses and industries that rely on immigrant workers.
  • The process to become a legal immigrant takes time. Someone working through that process should not be afraid to access city services.


A Welcoming City Ordinance would limit, within the law, the ways in which the city cooperates with Federal immigration officials. It would establish reasonable and constitutional limits on local police interaction with ICE, with the goal of building trust between local police and immigrant communities.