Here’s some transparency: interest groups reach out to us candidates and ask us how we stand on issues that affect them. This is legitimate and helpful – not a bad thing. However, these conversations often remain private and all the public sees is whether that interest group endorsed a candidate or not. This means a candidate can say one thing to an interest group and another to the public at a forum.

This whole campaign I’ve been saying the same thing to interest groups, that I say to Peorians at their door, that I say on social media. I’ve got nothing to hide. There’s a lot in these documents. You may not agree with every answer I give – that’s okay – but at least you know where I stand.

Peoria Journal Star
[download PDF]


Business PAC of Central Illinois
[download PDF]


Peoria People’s Project
[download PDF]


I-74 to Spring Street Neighborhood Association
[download PDF]


Name Redacted #1 (Themes: Global Warming, Sustainability, General Background)
[download PDF]


Name Redacted #2 (Privatization of Government Services, Right to Unionize, Diversity)
[download PDF]


Name Redacted #3 (General Experience, Economic Development, Right to Unionize)
[download PDF]


Name Redacted #4 (Public Education, Diversity, Community Development)
[download PDF]


(NOTE: these documents DO NOT indicate any sort of endorsement by these groups.)