All Peorians should feel confident that our police force is working to keep our communities safe. For-profit policing and policing that criminalizes minor offenses and harmless activities keep people in poverty and lead to distrust of police. With an active Advisory Committee on Police Community Relations and open dialogue between grassroots organizations and city staff, Peoria is primed to ensure our police force is operating with concern for equity and the real safety of our communities.


  • Distrust between communities of color and police
  • Fines stack up for low level offenses, disproportionately affecting people of color and low income individuals
  • Low transparency regarding police training on use of force policies and de-escalation
  • Police are not adequately held accountable when excessive force leads to injury or death


  • Revise and make transparent police department use of force policies to ban excessive use of force and require de-escalation.
  • Review and revise policies to ensure an accessible system for filing and addressing citizen complaints so police are held accountable for misconduct
  • Re-evaluate and revise fines and fees for traffic violations and failure to appear in court.