Legalization Of Marijuana

About two years ago, the State of Illinois made possession of small amounts marijuana a civil instead of a criminal offense. That opened the door for cities across the State to decide how and whether they would punish a person found with small amounts of weed on them. With the state moving towards legalizing recreational marijuana, I believe we need to eliminate fines for possession of under 10 grams immediately. Let’s be a leader in the state in writing decades of bad criminal justice policy and prepare for regulated, legal, recreational marijuana.


  • Even though Illinois has already legalized medical marijuana and will likely legalize recreational use, Peorians can be fined up to $750 for possession of less than 10 grams of weed.
  • Law enforcement resources could be better put to use than regulating small amounts of marijuana possession.
  • Keeping marijuana in the black market keeps it from being a taxable product regulated by consumer safety standards.


Decriminalize marijuana use by removing fines for possession of under 10 grams.
Prepare Peoria for the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana so we are ready to generate tax revenue while supporting local businesses and the agricultural economy.